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How do I receive my remittance detail?

Our bank transmits the payment in the NACHA format selected by you. Other options are receiving the remittance detail via e-mail, fax or downloading the detail from the Phillips 66 Vendor Invoice Status (VIS) or Actian portals.

NACHA Format Options:

CCD Format – Cash Concentration or Disbursement entry is a NACHA payment format that accommodates only the payment amount. This option does not allow remittance detail to be provided electronically. You may request that Phillips 66 fax or email the remittance detail if you have selected the CCD Format option. Please be sure to provide a fax number or email address on the enrollment form.

CTX Format – Corporate Trade Exchange is a NACHA format that incorporates multiple addenda records that are structured in ANSI X.12 variable length fields. The addenda records are the remittance detail for the ACH payment. The CTX Format is the suggested format as it is completely electronic and therefore the most efficient.

How do I sign up? We recommend that you review the NACHA Format options with your bank or financial institution.

Fax completed form to 918-977-9416 with contact information in case of questions.